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[C++ documentation for Reels]

Reels Classes Diagram (across languages)

This diagram shows the different classes implemented in each language.
Reels Classes

The maturity level of the different classes is:

Maturity Description
nothing Code is complete and tested.
[TEST] Code is complete, but testing is not complete.
[PROTO] Code under active development, possibly working, but not release quality.
[DRAFT] Code under active development, PoC and API closed.
[FUTURE] Code not under active development. Working on PoC.

This site documents the C++ implementation only at development level.

There is one namespace

  1. reels

And the following classes

  1. reels::Events
  2. reels::Clients
  3. reels::Clips
  4. reels::Targets

Python wrapper

Everything here is built into a Python package that can be found at: Reels repository.