Chaining BurpSuite and OWASP ZAP

11 May 2020 - cr0hn

BurpSuite is a nice tool but not Open Source, so not all their features are free. OWASP ZAP is an Open Source alternative but, sadly, it’s not so powerful as BurpSuite in some cases. But… why not to use both at the same time?

Ok, ok, It’s true that you can configure BurpSuite to output to another proxy but… why not to use APICheck for that? It’s easier and transparent.

Conceptually we will do:

+-------------------+          +------------------------+        +--------------------------+       +-----------------+
|  APICheck Proxy   |--------->| APICheck Send-to-Proxy |-+----->| APICheck Send-to-Proxy   |------>|   OWASP ZAP     |
+-------------------+          +------------------------+ |      +--------------------------+       +-----------------+
                                                          |      +--------------------------+
                                                          +----->|    BurpSuite             |

All we need to do is:

pip install apicheck-package-manager
acp install send-to-proxy
docker run --rm -it -p 9001:9001 bbvalabs/apicheck-proxy | send-to-proxy | send-to-proxy

A brief explanation:

First command starts APICheck proxy. Each request you do in your browser will be sent to the first APICheck send-to-proxy command. This one, in turn, after sending the received request to the first proxy (BurpSuite), it will send the original request (from Proxy, do you remember?) to the next APICheck send-to-proxy command, that sends the same request to the second proxy (OWASP Zap).

Easy, but useful, right?