Sending traffic to BurpSuite

10 May 2020 - cr0hn

In the previous post post we talked about how to store navigation traffic in a session file. Now we’ll use this file to send it to a proxy, like BurpSuite or OWASP ZAP Proxy

As part of APICheck tool set there’s available the Send-to-proxy tool. This tool reads from stdin and sends each APICheck Data Objects to a proxy.

We’ll use the session file that we generated in previous post to send it to BurpSuite:

First we check the BurpSuite listen port:

BurpSuite Config

Second, we’ll install the send-to-proxy tool:

acp install send-to-proxy

Then, we send the session to the proxy:

$ cat | send-to-proxy
[*] Request sent: ''
[*] Request sent: ''
[*] Request sent: ''
[*] Request sent: ''
[*] Request sent: ''

Now we check that all the requests were received by the proxy:

BurpSuite received data