OpenAPI v3 Checker

This tool checks the endpoint provided using OpenAPI v3 specification using a set of rules capable of security and semantic checks.

This tool is based on stoplight/spectral.

Tool type: action

Tool description

Almost all APIs are published using the OpenAPI specification. In order to provide a good API definition some best practices should be followed.

A linter is a tool that analizes files written in a specific language looking for incorrect constructions and suspicious or incorrect code.

This tool accepts an endpoint definition written using OpenAPI v3 as input (provided as an argument or read from standard input) and will output the same definition, if no errors are encounterd, or the list of errors detected.

In case of error, a code of 1 is returned, 0 otherwise.

Quick start

Install the tool:

$ acp install oas-checker
[*] Fetching Docker image for tool 'oas-checker'

    Using default tag: latest
    latest: Pulling from bbvalabs/oas-checker
    aad63a933944: Already exists
    dc24e89b59ec: Already exists
    810779e0b9c3: Already exists
    Status: Downloaded newer image for bbvalabs/oas-checker:latest

[*] filling environment alias file

Finally, activate the default environment and run the tool:

$ curl | oas-checker

openapi: "3.0.0"
  title: Endpoints Example
  version: 2.0.0
      operationId: listVersionsv2
      summary: List API versions

In this case, since al the rules are satisfied, the tool returns a code of 0 and writes again the definition to its standard output. In case of detecting any error, the code will be 1 and will write to its standard error something like:

$ curl | oas-checker
Specification contains lint errors: 5

OpenAPI 3.x detected

 1:1    error  has-contact         API MUST reference a contact, either url or email: 
 1:1    error  has-termsOfService  API MUST reference the URL of the Terms of Service 
 1:1    error  has-x-api-id        API must have an unique identifier in x-api-id 
 1:1    error  has-x-summary       API must have an one-liner summary field in x-summary 
 1:1  warning  info-contact        Info object should contain `contact` object.
 1:1  warning  info-description    OpenAPI object info `description` must be present and non-empty string.
 1:1  warning  oas3-api-servers    OpenAPI `servers` must be present and non-empty array.
 1:1    error  oas3-schema         Object should have required property `info`.
 1:1  warning  openapi-tags        OpenAPI object should have non-empty `tags` array.